Business benefits

Single tool

Live-Docs DMS is a single tool that allows you to perform all basic operations on documents in one place, without the need to install any software on the users' computers other than Internet browser.

Faster retrieval

Documents uploaded to the system are immediately visible to all authorized users. The invoice scanned in Birmingham will appear on the accounting monitor in London a few seconds after scanning.

Scalability and flexibility

The design of the system allows you to start the SaaS service or implement On-Premises installation with the required range of functions in a very short time. As the business and its needs grow, the system can be extended with additional functionalities and resources.

Opt out scenario

There are mechanisms in Live-Docs DMS that allow you to quickly download all files uploaded to it at any time. If you ever decide to transfer them to another system you can either retireve them yourself or have us do it for a very reasonable cost.

Office space savings

The introduction of electronic documentation in place of the paper significantly reduces the need for space needed for storing documents in a traditional form. This leads to measurable reduction of operating costs.